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The Man Who …… sold the world – David Bowie – nothing has been more important than this song. Starting point, guide, feeling and atmosphere – until now.
The founding of this project happened to be in 2011. Dirk Urbanke (guitar, bass, glockenspiel), Sal (vocals), Charles (vocals) found together in the tri-border area of Germany/Belgium/Netherlands. Starting as a musical mosaic without a clear set goal, step by step it turned out to be a „real“ band. Martin Pott on the keys (Escape With Romeo) stengthened the trio in the studio – later he also did live –, bass (Sascha Mans) and drums (Meikel Freialdenhoven) came to follow.
Already one year after foundation, the 1. album „First“ has been released in 2012 on Rock ’n‘ Rose-Records, produced by BJ (Nomad-studio). Responsability for the sometimes pushing, sometimes melancolic songs, sung in french and english, takes Dirk Urbanke. Two years later (2014) „The Man Who-creative dept.“ released the melancolic concept-album „Lullabies for winter vaults“. In 2017 the next longplayer „Electric parfum“ went in stock at the record shop. 9 pearls of songs, suitable as relaxing-quality-time music, as also for journeys through the night, when one can be sure about the friendship of the fellow travellers.
Trademark-features are, besides the double-fronted singing, the stylecrossing and stylized arrangements. Sometimes melancolic, sometimes danceable, sometimes just mood and atmosphere.